The Blessing of the Broken Fork

You are never useless. Never.

John C. Davis
2 min readFeb 2, 2023

Take a look at the picture of this fork.

With one prong broken is it now unusable? Should it be immediately discarded because it’s not perfect anymore? Can it used to feed yourself?

I ask you to consider some things.

Is someone ”unusable” when they have a broken leg?

How about a broken arm?

How about a missing arm?

A missing leg?

Eyes that don’t see anymore?

Ears that don’t hear?

Legs that don’t let someone walk again?

A mind that doesn’t work anymore?

A mind that has forgotten everyone and everything?

The list of issues that some in society would says makes someone “unusable” are endless. What one of us does not have something that is not quite working. I know that on a “good” day my faculties (both physical and mental) are not quite working at full capacity anymore. Frankly they never have worked at full capacity. Does that make me “unusable”?

I would suggest that we all have immense worth and value regardless of our mental or physical condition. One’s “deficiency” can be a blessing in disguise. It can make us…



John C. Davis

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