Allow your time alone to empower you

My wife and I were coming out of the supermarket on the way to our car this past Saturday.

As we approached our car, we heard the most beautiful songbird. The bird was sitting in this little tree in a median in the parking lot. …

This is the perfect moment for us to love each other

Now is the time.

It seems like we are waiting for the perfect moment when we can start loving each other. We are waiting for the right moment when everyone will become worthy of treating each other well. When will that moment be? When will humans be worthy of being loved? …

A story of gratitude and love

“Thank you for coming home!”

This is the greeting I received yesterday as I walked through the door after being out for the day.

This is the greeting my wonderful wife gives me every time I come through the door. And it’s been this way since we have been together.

You deserve to be nurtured by yourself and those around you

We all have those days. The kind when you wake up and you’re just not feeling well. Either you’re not feeling well physically, or you’re feeling stressed about something going on in your life or the life of a loved one. It happens to all of us because we are…

It makes my day better

Thank you, God, for giving us the gift of a smile.

A smile can change your world.

You have experienced this. A stranger walks up to you and smiles at you. Even more powerful, a loved one smiles at you. It influences you.

Whenever I come home, my wife Rachel…

The spiritual awakening can happen anywhere

I was pulling up to a red light the other day while talking on my phone (hands-free of course:)

I was listening to my friend tell me about something with their kids, trying to decide about a college scholarship at a really expensive college. …

Life is not always as it appears to be

Are there things that you are certain about? Do you know that you are right?

These questions and more like it have been swirling about my mind this week.

I have been listening to stories by people who say they know the truth about something, only to be contradicted by…

Your life was a gift and a blessing

August 13 was a sad day for me, my wife, and the dive club I belong to. A friend, father, brother, and fellow diver was lost to COVID-19.

Although Mark was not a close friend of mine, I knew enough about him…

The miracle of your beautiful life shines brightly

I was driving down the road with my wife last week. Off to our right was a beautiful rainbow. It was the kind of rainbow that was complete, touching the ground on both ends.

The thoughts came to my mind. They challenged me and made me grateful.

I thought about…

John C. Davis

I am an author, writer, and speaker, interested in highlighting and celebrating the endless beauty of the human spirit.

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